Dealing with postpartum depression and Neonatal loss! – pt.2

The room was as silent and still as a graveyard. Even my little baby stopped squirming in my arms. It was almost as tho’ she knew something serious was happening. I finally broke the silence buy making my decision to use the tablets. The Doctor then filled out the prescription for me and directed me to the pharmacy but before We left his office, he informed us of what to expect when using the medication. The level and intensity of the pain that I may feel, warning signs of complications(if any) and generally how to be safe when taking it.

I was petrified. The whole time I kept thinking and praying. I questioned myself, I questioned my husband but most of all I just kept crying. I could not control it. The slightest reminder would bring tears to my eyes.

I followed the Doctor’s instructions and took the medications as directed. My uterus contracted and pushed out my baby’s remains from my womb. It was not a pretty sight! Fast forward to two days after, the bleeding was reducing gradually, and the pains had equally subsided. I was relaxed, my hubby was relaxed and my mother-in-law was on hand to help us out. She truly has been a blessing. She came as soon as she could, and took over care of our little girl till a time when I would be strong and bodily able to handle my duties again.

The bleeding finally stopped completely after 5 weeks even though I had resumed work a week after the incident. My body went back to normal. At my follow-up appointment, the Doctor certified that my body was now functioning normally! This right here is my testimony. In the midst of the storm, God kept me, he kept my husband and he healed my body. God be praised!

It has been tough coming to terms with it, sometimes I still cry about it but the feelings of frustration, anger, helplessness and pain have all subsided. What did I do? I prayed for peace, I found other women who had passed through similar experiences and talked to them, their advise, counsel and understanding is priceless.

Beyond this, I try as much as possible to communicate and share with my hubby because he knows exactly what I am going through as he is passing through it himself. This has made us even closer and more intimate than before.

Presently, we are trying to live as normally as possible. We are gradually learning to live above the tragedy and just be happy.


This brings me to my question. Why are these trying times not addressed by therapists in Nigeria? This is where we live and yet I could not come across even one affordable one that had this in focus.

The therapists and counselors are all about abused women, children and troubled youths. But what about that mother struggling to live amidst the confusion in her mind, the uncontrollable feelings of anger and sadness or the suicidal thoughts that fill her mind at different times? Who will help her?

Please I am using this medium to reach out, if you are a counselor or therapist that helps women affected by postpartum and neonatal depression or wants to help, please speak out and let us know where you are and how you can be reached. You can respond with comments on this article or on the Facebook post when it is shared. For contact details, please see the ‘about’ section on this website.

Also,  I want to volunteer to help so please if you are already volunteering, and you know a place or people that are already working on this issue, please share so we can all work together to enlighten women on how they can live above the pain, grief and depression they face. 

Women build nations. A healthy woman is a wealthy woman!

But above and beyond all human therapy and counseling, what every woman and man needs is to let the Great Therapist, Counselor and Physician work His healing in them.

If you don’t know Him, let me introduce to you, the Greatest of all, His name is Jesus! He is the source of my peace. In Him, I found rest, joy and strength to carry on.

Please share, share and share! Lend a helping hand whenever, wherever and however you can!

Thanks for reading!

More to come as the year unfolds. For now it’s time to sign out!

One love!


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