Heart of the Matter: Winning the fight against Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is widely known to be the most common cancer among women both in Africa and abroad. Research has shown that due to lack of early detection programmes, as well as the lack of adequate diagnosis and treatment facilities, Africa has a very low survival rate for breast cancer.

This was  the motivation for Ebele Mbanugo, Founder of the Run For A Cure For Africa Foundation. This foundation was established with the aim of driving down high mortality rate of breast cancer victims in Africa.

ebele m-rfaca

Run For a Cure Africa is a small yet powerful nonprofit organization for the eradication of breast cancer in Nigeria and eventually all of Africa. The vision of the foundation is to turn the 90% mortality rate of Breast Cancer in Africa into a 90% survival rate.

Join Omilola Oshikoya and Ebele Mbanugo on this week’s episode as they talk about the challenges facing Breast cancer victims, how to create awareness and what can be done to lessen the mortality rate of Breast cancer in Africa.

omilola and ebelelogo

Heart of the Matter is a people focused, transformation-oriented discussion programme aimed at providing access to knowledge and experiences that build our viewers into leaders who will drive positive change in their individual lives, families, communities and industries. It airs every Sunday by 11am on EbonyLife Tv DSTV channel 165.






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