HEART OF THE MATTER: Defining black and beauty

Over the years, the idea or concept of beauty has been defined and redefined in several ways, some positive and some negative. Because this can be a subjective experience, it is often said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

The negative connotations have been promoted mainly by the Media and society to the detriment of those who choose to live by such definitions. Those who imbibe and live by these misleading ideologies usually end up suffering from low self esteem, eating disorders and botched plastic surgeries among others.

Taofiq Okoya, in a bid to correct these wrong ideologies and impressions about beauty has created the Queen of Africa dolls. The project is an empowerment program aimed at encouraging and inspiring the African Girl child to imbibe positive attributes and interests through playful, fun and entertaining ways.

The Queens of Africa characters are designed to represent progressive qualities such as endurance, peace and love while developing literary potentials in our children as well as enhancing their career development for future.

queen of africa dollpicmix

The project is also dedicated to inspiring children of Nigerian/African descent to be confident and matured ethically through the use of books, dolls, comics, music and animation series. The materials are designed to be fun and engaging, while they subconsciously educate, encourage and promote Nigerian/African heritage.

Join Taofiq Okoya, entrepreneur and philanthropist alongside Omilola Oshikoya, certified Life coach on this week’s episode of Heart of the Matter as they shed more light on beauty and the need for people to love and appreciate themselves as they are.

omilola and taofiq crop blob pic

On the show, Omilola and Taofiq remind us why black is beauty and why people need not feel they are ugly and unattractive because of their skin color, race, and any other discrepancies that have been constantly highlighted by the media and society today.

Watch The Heart of the Matter showing live on EbonyLife Tv on Sunday, 12th June 2016 by 11am for more enlightening info!

Heart of the Matter is a people focused, transformation-oriented discussion programme aimed at providing access to knowledge and experiences that build our viewers into leaders who will drive positive change in their individual lives, families, communities and industries. It airs every Sunday by 11am on EbonyLife Tv DSTV channel 165.




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