Mastering the Podcast Interview: Telling Great Stories Through Voice

The Daily Post

Did Adnan Syed do it?

That’s what millions of Serial podcast listeners were asking themselves last year. I was addicted to Serial, tuning in each week for the next piece to the puzzle. Full admission: it’s not my only podcast vice. Podcasts are the soundtrack for most of my morning. I fit alongside the 39 million Americans who have listened to a podcast in the last month.

Perhaps you’ve been looking at using a podcast to reach a new demographic or experiment with a new content format. At WordPress.com, we provide all of the necessary tools to help you launch a professional podcast onto iTunes. The only hangup: figuring out what to say! Here are some tips from podcasting experts on how to craft a memorable story with your voice instead of your keyboard.

Find the format that works for you

Many podcasts have guests in one form or another, either as the…

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