REFLECTIONS: New Year, New hopes, New beginnings

Sometimes, we pass through difficulties Yet we cannot understand Why this should be But then we realize That life is a lesson And to move to the next stage We must pass a test Facing challenges and difficulties Still we acknowledge That what does not break you Will only make you stronger.   2015 is… Continue reading REFLECTIONS: New Year, New hopes, New beginnings


Three Thoughts on Sustainable Blogging Resolutions

The Daily Post

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, writing-related or otherwise. Something about the ritual feels contrived and ineffective — possibly because I’m an undisciplined, chronic procrastinator who loves finding loopholes in self-imposed rules. As esteemed behavioral economist Dan Ariely said a few years ago, “If you don’t have resolutions, you can’t break them.”

And yet here we are, mere hours before ringing in 2016. You want your blog to shine next year, you want to feel productive and energized, and you might think to yourself that maybe a little champagne-fueled commitment can’t hurt. And unless you’re one of the writing 1 percent — that group of three self-satisfied people who think that “writer’s block” is an actual block on which you write, prolifically — you’re right. Ceremonial rituals can’t hurt (why would anyone ever get married otherwise?).

So here are three ideas to ponder as you make — or consider making —…

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