Caring for a baby is not easy but it’s super rewarding. Last time, I mentioned how she was growing so fast and all. Yea, it still amazes me and hubby everyday and every time we see something new.

Recently, I’ve been so physically exhausted I found myself itching for a break, a nap or anything that will just give me some rest. But beyond this, I have discovered that bonding with your little bundle of joy is an experience that cannot be traded for anything.

My daughter Jessica has finally said her first word, well we are  hoping she says it more but it was awesome to hear. I still wonder if i imagined it but luckily I was with a friend who also heard her so I know I’m not dreaming. lol.

IMG_5501My Jessie and I

She’s standing, crawling, smashing things to the floor and what not! But guess what it’s not all fun and games. Just wait till it’s bath time or nap time and my little one becomes a feisty diva..whoa , she can kick! lol

But we love her even more.

Loving, caring and being responsible for another human being is teaching me patience, tolerance, unconditional love and support. It makes me truly understand God’s love for us even more. We don’t deserve it, we are not worthy of it but He gave His life for us because He loved us as we are.

It’s not about what we do or say or even think or achieve but it’s simply because He is. His love for us is endless and unconditional.

Even when we are ungrateful and not very full of faith, He still loves us! Even right there in the midst of that crisis, that celebration, that challenge, He still loves us!

What will you do with this love given freely to all?

Jesus is waiting for you! Answer His call today and your life will never be the same!!!

Trust me I know. I am nothing without Him!

#Jesusdiva #Godislove!

Just another day in my life!

See you next time.

Until then, keep reading, keep growing and keep loving!!!


dsc_6233-1-e1498045671838.jpg Davida




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