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Exclusive Highlights on her experience as Miss Melanin Queen 2021- Stacey Julie Collier

The first ever Miss Melanin Queen was crowned on December 3, 2021. She has since been engaged in various activities including travelling to promote the African image and culture in a positive light.

I had the privilege of chatting and catching up with her about her reign and experience as Miss Melanin 2021 so far. Stacey Julie Collier has been travelling around to different locations including Dubai showcasing the beauty and richness of the African culture to all she met.

But, what caught my attention was the fact that she has also recently established an empowerment Foundation called the J.P.F. Foundation for the benefit of creative youth in her community and country as a whole.

See the excerpts below:


What has your experience been like as the reigning Miss Melanin Queen?

Stacey (Miss Melanin): Being the reigning queen has been great. I enjoy living both lives especially doing my duties and schooling. It doesn’t feel like I have to do this because everyone is counting on me but I do it because I enjoy it and love what I do. The people I meet and help, how I am able to transfer my thoughts to others make it all worthwhile.


We hear you have registered a Foundation. Can you tell us about this project?

Source: Miss Melanin – Stacey Julie Collier

Stacey (Miss Melanin): My foundation which was established this year 2022, was set up to provide support for people who want to develop and enhance their creative skills like acting, artistry, dancing, singing and other forms of creativity.


Will you get facilitators to provide training and empowerment of the registered members?

Stacey (Miss Melanin):

Yes, there will professionals who will be brought on board to help teach the ones who want to learn and improve on the different categories.


Who can participate in the programs by the Foundation?

Stacey (Miss Melanin):

It is open to everyone who wants to develop or hone their creative abilities. They will be guided and trained on how to use and maximise their skills and abilities productively.


What other activities have you been engaged in during your reign?

Travelling – The traveling experience has been great. I really enjoyed moving out of what I was used to. Seeing and experiencing different cultures,foods and ways of life is one thing that excites me and being there as Miss Melanin was more like a representation of africa in another mans land.

In recognition of her outstanding work as Miss Melanin Queen, she is being recognized and has been nominated for the categories of Outstanding Beauty queen of the Year and Best Fashion Influencer by the Showbiz Excellence Awards.

Stacey Julie Collier has set the bar high by her amazing accomplishments as Miss Melanin 2021 in such a short time. Her successor has large shoes to fill.

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