United In the South

Somewhere in the southern hemisphere,
Of a great nation and communal sphere
Two young ones await their joining
For In unity they will come together

Decked in the finest attire
Sheath in colours of royalty,
Made of silk and covered in sapphire
He groom she hopes to meet

Her elegant neck is covered in beads
Her face is cloaked with a veil
Her staff, her symbol of authority
Her headpiece, her crowning glory

Her dress, shimmering in the light,
It is one fit for royalty
Indeed she is like a queen
And soon her groom she will meet

But first, the Elders he must meet,
To acknowledge, to pledge and to greet
The gifts he brings to present
That he may take his bride, his pride

At last, the elders are satisfied
The youth and women are edified
The bride herself is beautified
Ready to meet her one true love

The bride begins to sway
As the music begins to play
She glides and she moves with passion
While her groom awaits with determination

At last they meet! Oh what sweet relief
Their love they can finally share
Their heats, they beat as one
In a harmony so sweet and fair

Indeed, love is beautiful
No matter the tribe or tongue
A language that all do speak
All over the world, it’s true

Joined in love, one heart and mind
They look ahead to seek
What treasure they may find
Living together at last.

Finally, they depart,
Their families they bid adieu
For together, they will build
A home, A life of love.

Davida Emem Onuigbo


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