Surviving the Unknown

Everything seemed normal,

People doing things, making memories

Children going to school, learning more

Suddenly, it all changed.

Normal became abnormal

Functional became dysfunctional

Confusion was the order of the day

While children where whisked away

Everyone trying to stay safe

It wasn’t all bad

As couples’ loving became a fad

Families bonding and reuniting

Workers learning and improving

Life becoming more appreciated

While the fight raged on

What is this that we fight?

What manner of battle is this?

The search for the unknown became the norm

Hunger, starvation, sickness, perspiration

The distress and confusion

Who will bring the solution?

There is one we know

His name is Jesus

In power and might He bestows

Healing and wealth on all.

Only He can save us

Only He can free us

From this torment, this virus

His name is Jesus!

Davida Emem Onuigbo


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