Trying new things!

Lately  I have been interested in exploring new ideas, new ways of doing things and learning how to do things that I had never done before. This brought to mind a thought that has always been at the back of my mind, ‘Life is a lesson, learn it’. 

Many times we think we stop learning just because we attain a certain age but that’s where we are wrong. We learn everyday. We learn how to live better, have stronger and more fulfilling relationships, raise our children better, do our jobs better.

Above all, we learn to love God, to live and let live, to forgive even the worst possible kind of atrocities. All this learning is possible because we mature in thought and perspective everyday.

My newest hobby and point of interest is baking! And I can tell you I am having a blast doing it! So far, I have made a couple of doughnuts and cakes and they were yummy! ..even if i say so myself :).

I also gave myself a mini makeover, decided to try a bolder look. Yes, I changed my hair colour! And now I’m loving the new me and new look and can hardly wait to see what exciting things the rest of the year brings.

This is not to say that I have lost an interest in my former activities but rather I have added another to the list. 

In all this I relearned that if I set mind to do anything I desire, I will achieve it. I may start small and slow but I will surely arrive at my destination just as the saying goes – ‘slow and steady wins the race’. I also learned that it is never too late or too early to try something new. All you need is to take that step. 

Also, change is definitely the only constant thing in life so if you don’t allow yourself to grow and change for the better, you lose out on what the world has to offer. You will just end up being stuck in a rut. 

Here’s to learning and trying new things; seeing new places, meeting new people and seizing new opportunities!

And just a little thought worthy of mention –  the elections are drawing near, vote wisely! New things, new people!

Keep reading and keep sharing!

One love!

my red hairdo - davida jan 2019

DavidEmem Onuigbo

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