Sound of Revival Devotional

John 3:32  ‘He that cometh from above is above all’.

DAILY READING Acts 17:1-15; Judges 6; Job 36

A star fish is an amazing creature. It has the tendency to multiply itself when cut up. If one of the arms of a starfish is severed, a new one will grow in its place. Anytime a starfish is cut up, any piece that contains a part of the central disc will develop into a new starfish. This phenomenon  was first discovered by some oyster fishermen who found that out, when their oyster beds became infested with starfish. The fishermen  cut up the starfish they caught and tossed the pieces back into the water. But to their dismay, they found that rather than destroying the starfish, they were actually helping them multiply. This can be likened to what happens to  children of God, when the enemy tries to cut them down. Instead of…

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