Everybody says it or claims to feel it

But what does it really mean?

Is it just a feeling or thought?

A gesture or a saying?

What really does it mean?


Love, a word that comes and goes

But few people know what it means

True Love, tho’ things and time may fade

Always stands, true and pure

This is a love from above

Agape love, the God-kind of love.


john 3.16 imagephoto credit: google


Many don’t know this and use the word in vain

Causing hurt and pin

To those who choose to believe

Alas! T’is sad how love is abused and misused

Love, A treasure meant to enhance oneness and unity,

Harmonious living among all.


Let us then live in love, in peace as one

For a time will always come

When we need some care and affection

But receive contempt and disdain

Leaving one to wonder

Love, a myth or a reality?



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