Sound of Revival Devotional

1 Samuel 14:6 KJV

For there is no restraint to The Lord to save by many or by few.
DAILY READING 1 Thessalonians 1; Isaiah 11-13; Psalm 112
Amazing testimonies in Israel have continually proven that God is the defender of His people. In Israel today, one of the war memorials is the monument of an old cannon which is called the Davidka or ‘little David.’ During the 1948 independence war, when Israel grossly lacked weapons, Jewish scientists resorted to producing homemade weapons to aid in the war. And one of these was the Davidka, modeled after a Czech weapon. However, during the war, when the Davidka was put to use, it turned out to be a great disappointment. It was a primitive cannon that was very inaccurate. As a homemade weapon its effectiveness was more in the amount of noise it made, rather than on its ability to…

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