The freshly bereaved – how I dealt (PART 5)

Let us all learn to be more empathetic to people in pain around us, to be more understanding, less judgmental and less impatient to the plight of the bereaved et al. Let us sincerely and genuinely love one another ..God is love!

DEAR DAPO - How I Dealt.....

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I’ve been married for 11 years, it’s my wedding anniversary today. Similar to last year, I do not quite know what to do since my spouse is in heaven – get dressed and go to dinner with him (Nah! the restaurant will think I’m crazy if I booked a table for two but ended up dining alone and speaking to his picture on the chair), send presents to myself and courier presents to heaven (let’s leave the courier company to figure the address out he he!), tell everyone to please call me and say nice things (too pathetic!), lock myself in the room, smell his clothes and remember old times (how was that different from any other day?), have a picnic by his graveside (last time I asked that wasn’t allowed) I could just pretend…

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