6 months and counting!

Wow, how time flies! Just barely six months ago, my little angel from heaven was sent to me. My husband and I are constantly amazed at how awesome she is. In her we see a reflection of God’s love, grace, wisdom and beauty. 

Her coming to us was a journey and a process which began the day I found out I was expecting. It was with mixed feelings I received the news. My husband and I were so nervous, uncertain, anxious, happy and excited all at once. Then the hospital runs began!

The doctor’s appointments, scans and constant vitamins supplement intake seemed unending. The first time we saw our baby, we were so in awe. It was literally the most beautiful image we’d ever seen even though it was in black and white. Yea, it was at the ultrasound. The excitement then began to grow and so also the worries.

Will we be good parents? What will we name our baby? will it be a boy and girl? who will the baby look like – father or mother? Can we meet all her needs? Hmm, questions, questions and more questions.

Along the line came the swollen feet, leg cramps, extreme tiredness, backaches, headaches and of course the growing ‘baby bump’. Yea, pregnancy is no cruise. But it wasn’t all bad, there were some good days where people offered you their place in line, or offered to carry your shopping bags, and best of all you got to satisfy that terrible craving. Yes, pregnancy cravings are a real deal. For a time all i wanted was fries and anything with pepper, lots of pepper..lol

I loved the pampering by my husband; breakfast in bed, foot massages and gentle care. Not to forget, the ante-natal classes were a constant part of the journey too.  And then one lovely Saturday morning, sometime during the first days of September, my bundle of joy made her arrival to the world.

The labour was painful but thankfully not too long but trust me when i say it is not called labour room for no reason. As the labour progressed, it became clear that I would need to be given an episiotomy to aid the baby in coming out. I was cut and torn by the force of pushing and the episiotomy but one look at my baby’s face and I knew it was all worth it. 

On a lighter note, childbirth is a beautiful thing. She has grown so fast. From sleeping to sitting to crawling and standing. I love hearing her baby babble. she has the most infectious laughter ever. It’s the reason that despite the stress, the battle with post-natal depression and the pain from the cuts(this has healed now) , my husband and I can now smile and be happy. 

Recently, our little princess crossed over the 6 month mark, it truly was a time of joy. She is growing so fast and strong. I’m still amazed at how blessed I am.

I want to use this opportunity to thank my hubby, my very own prince charming and tell him how much I truly appreciate him for being there for me and standing by me right from the very beginning. He was amazing; stood strong for me during labour and has been my rock of support ever since. I love you my darling hubby, now and always!

Okay, okay, enough with the mushy stuff,lol. It’s been an awesome six months and we are looking forward to hearing her say her first word, take her first step, and all the many many firsts that are yet to happen.

Keep reading! Keep loving!! Keep on living and have an awesome weekend ahead!!!

Warmest Regards,




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