The Mind Revolution!

For true and positive change to truly take place, mindsets must change. There must be a paradigm shift in the mindset of individuals and leaders alike. 

Join Ada Umeofia on the Heart of the matter in an inspiring and enlightening chat with Wale Adefarasin, as she makes a powerful statement on the treasure that is an idea.

She brings to the fore reasons why a change in the mindset of every individual can bring about the change we desire in our homes, nation and Africa as a whole. 


Ada Umeofia is a designer and an Architect interested in a multifaceted approach to design which stems from the conscious dissection of multiple scales. She is the Founder of “WeBuilt Africa”.  

Watch The Heart of the Matter showing every Sunday,11am on EbonyLife TV  DSTV channel 165. 

Be inspired!!!

culled from: http://www.heartofthematter.tv

www. behance.net/oscillationof scales

email: info@theheartofthematter.tv







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