Falling Leaves

zander foster poetry

My great-grandmother used to tell me,
That if you caught a falling leaf
Before it touched the ground,
You could wish on it.
She used to say that fall leaves
Were God’s way of sending down his wishes.

When I was a kid
I would spend hours in the yard
Trying to catch as many leaves as I could.
And when I caught so many
That all my wishes were made,
I would keep catching and catching.
When I collected too many to hold
I would hand out God wishes to the neighbors.

As I got older, I started to think
That handing out God’s gifts
Was like doing his job,
Which I knew that was wrong.
But before I could ask
My great-grandmother about it,
She died.
I was nine years old.
So I was left thinking that God’s gifts
Were only sent to those who needed them.

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I’m back, better and inspired!!!

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