Heart of the Matter: Relationships and Finance

Relationships are a beautiful yet complicated thing. Many people are struggling to understand their partners, families and friends on so many different levels including understanding each other’s significant core values, financial opinions, belief systems to name a few. For some, they learn as they go along and for others it remains a mystery.

Many face several challenges in relationships including lack of communication, financial stress, significant differences in core values and belief systems to mention a few.

On this week’s episode of The Heart of the Matter TV Show, relationships in family and marriage is the primary focus as Pastor Wale and Lanre Olusola chat on ways to enlighten and help people understand and build better relationships with regards to financial empowerment and more.

hotm mind d gap pst wale and lanre o.jpg

Also in view is the upcoming event ‘Mind the Gap X’ organized by the dynamic duo of Pastor Wale Adefarasin of Guiding Light Assembly Church and renowned life coach and psychologist, Lanre Olusola.

Hotm - Mind-The-Gap-X-marriage-and-family-oriented-masterclass

The ‘Mind the Gap X’ event is a specialized bespoke marriage and family oriented master class for single, divorced, engaged and married people.

Speakers at the event will include Lanre Olusola (The Catalyst), Pastor Wale Adefarasin (Founder and Senior Pastor of the Guiding Light Assembly –GLA), Olumide Emmanuel (Best-selling author and CEO of The Entrepreneurship Academy) and a host of other financial gurus who will be tackling issues that arise in relationships as a result of finances while also exploring ways to build wealth.

The Mind the Gap X Family and Finances Master class will run from 8am-4pm on Saturday 4th June 2016 and will end with a free one-on-one family & finance coaching/therapy session for couples who are interested.

Watch The Heart of the Matter showing live on EbonyLife Tv on Sunday, 22 May 2016 by 11am for more details and more information on how to successfully manage and resolve financial issues et al in relationships!

Heart of the Matter is a people focused, transformation-oriented discussion programme aimed at providing access to knowledge and experiences that build our viewers into leaders who will drive positive change in their individual lives, families, communities and industries. It airs every Sunday by 11am on EbonyLife Tv DSTV channel 165.

There is so much knowledge and inspiration to be gained on this show and also at the upcoming ‘Mind the Gap X’ event.

Watch and learn how to manage your family, relationships, and finances.

Let’s keep our homes together!!!


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