Love’s Journey Pt.2

Hi Melissa,’Patrick said casually as she walked towards him. She was stunning in her purple knee-length ensemble. Melissa smiled. They had agreed to meet at this particular lounge because of its sense of privacy and its ambience. Besides, they discovered they both loved the lounge. Although she was slightly irritated by his behavior, keeping her waiting until she felt like leaving, she couldn’t help but notice how sweet and attentive he was.

‘Hi Patrick, how was your day?’ she asked. He saw this as an opening and he took it. Soon, they were laughing and chit-chatting like old friends over lobster and red wine. ‘Mel, this has been an awesome evening;  I feel like it should never end’, he said with a smile across his face. Melissa had been mesmerized by how handsome and charming he was and couldn’t believe that she was out with such a man. They talked about things present,past and future; danced, ate and talked some more.

All in all, it was a good evening. Melissa, though she liked him, knew she wasn’t ready for anything serious and thought of how they could remain friends even when she went back to school; of course with the hope that sometime in the future they would take that walk down the aisle.

‘thanks Pat, I had a great time’, she said as she made to step out of the car. She didn’t want to lead him on. She promised herself she would be honest about her feelings and hope for the best.

‘Mel dearie, how did your date go?’, Danielle asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. They had become fast friends since they started their internship and it had grown over the weeks. ‘Oh don’t be naughty dear, but just so you know it was fun’, she replied with a slow smile playing on her lips.

At this, it was like Danielle was awakened from a slumber as she began to probe Melissa with question after question. They were just surprised that such a focused, hardworking and genuinely nice guy could be in a place full of animals walking like men.

Patrick on the other hand was happy and hopeful that something would soon happen fast between him and the girl of his dreams as he fondly called her.

X    X   X  X

‘Happy birthday Mel!’ all her friends screamed in unison. Melissa was overwhelmed. She had just concluded her final exams the day before so it was with mixed feelings that she was celebrating.

On one hand, she was happy turning a year older and graduating at the same time and on the other she was saddened at the thought that this might be the last time that they would all gather together as they were now.

While she was still contemplating on these mixed feelings and thoughts, she felt a hand tap her.’Mel, there’s a cute guy here to see you; who’s he?’, Lisa asked with a mischievous grin on her face.

Mel and Lisa had been friends all through their university stay. Mel looked towards the direction Lisa was pointing and was totally shocked by the sight of Patrick standing there in all his handsome aura.

‘Happy birthday Mel’, he said while extending a beautifully wrapped package to her. ‘Thanks Patrick, I wasn’t even expecting you; this is so sweet and thoughtful of you; a really nice surprise’,she said still overcome with surprise at seeing him there.

She totally forgot everything else in her excitement. Long after others had gone, Melissa and Patrick were still together. He told her he was returning the following day that he only came because it was her birthday and he really wanted to surprise her with something she would never forget.

Not long after, Melissa left school, a new graduate ready to explore the world. She tried to let Patrick know she wasn’t ready for anything serious as she still wanted to further her academic studies for the time being. He was understandably upset. He had grown to truly love her.

They agreed to keep in touch with each other but unfortunately, she lost her phone and she also changed her location and so for a time they did not make contact.

Melissa went on to fulfill the mandatory one year service instituted by the Federal government while Patrick continued to work at KTV. All the while thoughts of each other crossed their minds but since they had no way to communicate decided to carry on with life.

They never once thought of each other with malice or guilt but only longing and desire. what Melissa and Patrick did not know was that it would be several years before their paths crossed again.

What would happen now? Would ambition and pursuit of success cause them to drift further and further apart or would they find each other and love again?

…Find out more on this sizzling love saga in the next part of this series – will true love prevail? Read on!!! 😀

Your comments and thoughts are welcome!!!

One Love!







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