Love’s Journey Part 1 – The Road to Wedlock

‘Hey! you there, take these documents to P & S – Promo and Styling department; hand it over to the staff there, they will know what to do with it’, a male voice called out. Melissa responded by meekly obeying the instruction. It was just another day at the TV station.

Melissa had been working at the Channel 4 News House. She was an intern there. Some days were not so bad but others like today made her wish she was at home resting. Her boss, Eric was a neutral man. He was neither mean nor kind but today he seemed out of his element.

She hurried to block C where the Promo and Styling department was as she needed to get back to her own office quickly in case the boss needed her again. She was a little excited; she hadn’t been to that block in the past month she had been working there. She looked forward to finding out more about what usually went on there.

‘Hi, Eric sent me to deliver these; please can I hand them over to you?’, she asked as she approached the first person she saw as she stepped into the room. ‘Sorry, I don’t receive documents here but you can give it to Sally, that’s her job’, the guy said. She thanked him politely for his help and headed towards Sally.

As she turned towards Sally’s desk, she noticed a cute guy sitting in a corner, so focused on his work he hadn’t even looked up when she passed by or so she thought.

Melissa delivered her package and proceed to return to her office. She was stopped just as she was stepping out by a sexy male voice, ‘hi, let me get that for you’, she heard him say as he pulled the door open for her. It was the cute guy she had seen sitting in the corner. She blushed, ‘thanks, see you around’ she said shyly as she hurried away.

Patrick smiled to himself. She was a real cutie, he thought.Β  He had seen her walk into the room but trying not to be obvious had kept his gaze somewhat on his computer. He decided he would ask her out; he sure wanted to get closer to her.

She was different from any other girls he had seen and met. He made up his mind to approach her during lunch. ‘Hi Mel, come on, we’re going to be late’, Danielle called out. She was also an intern; she and Melissa had gotten along so well from day one that they had become close friends.

As Melissa approached her, she was halted by Patrick, ‘Hi, it’s me again, from P&S’, he said. ‘Hi, I’m Melissa, I didn’t catch your name the last time we met’, she said. ‘It’s Patrick’, he said with a lazy smile before continuing, ‘I just couldn’t help noticing you. Would you like to go to the movies with me sometime, maybe this Friday if you’re not busy?’, he asked haltingly.

He was praying she would say yes because he was already falling for her even though she didn’t know it.

Melissa accepted his invitation and left with a smile on her face. She couldn’t wait for Friday to come.

The stage was set. This was to be their first date. Would they become friends or foe; lovers or haters? Could this be the beginning of a beautiful romance?

To be continued….

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this story so far. Look forward to your comments and feedback.

See you next week where we find out what’s next in this love saga!









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